Communications with Warren Woolcock by the telecommunications system between You and Warren Woolcock or his office including by email, mail, facsimile, telephone and Voicemail - recorded phone conversations (collectively called "Communications"). Communications together with your email address and any other contact details including website, twitter and facebook or similar, may be digitally recorded and retained for verification and may be stored on our database. These Communications and records are kept for Warren Woolcock’s use but copies of archived Communications may be provided to You upon Your written request, as a matter and subject to strict privacy to assist with verification. By continuing to use, send or accept Communications in any particular form is deemed to be your consent given to Warren Woolcock or his office to use the Communications or copies of same to carry out the intent contained in the Communications so that they can be relied upon by Warren Woolcock. If you do not wish to continue with these arrangements please advise Warren Woolcock in writing by email or letter or phone of your wish to "opt-out" of these arrangements.